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2020 Marketing Trends

Jul 20, 2021

Three marketing trends to take advantage of in 2020:

Here at Mocha, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing in marketing. 2020brings along new challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology and the consumer. Have a look at these three trends that we think will really take off throughout 2020.

1. Purpose

Authenticity is key. Today, consumers are looking for that little bit extra of a deeper connection. Companies that did lead with purpose were able stay at the forefront of the consumers mindset.

A recent Deloitte study (2019) shows a majority of people making their purchase decisions based on how the company treats it’s staff, the environment, and it’s local communities. These numbers reflect how purpose-driven companies are achieving more customer and employee satisfaction compared to their competitors as well as growing on average three times faster.

In this day and age people want real, authentic exchanges with companies. Think of your customers as active stake holders investing in your product and your brand. Use data to see what they value and relate it back to your purpose.

2. Human Experience

Refocus your values to elevate the human experience. Technology can do a lot of things, but it cannot replicate essential human connection i.e. eye contact, personal touch and empathy.

This should be taken into consideration when looking at your 2020 marketing plan. Integrating empathy allows you to have better insight into the human experience because you ultimately understand how your stakeholders find meaning and belonging in products and services.

3. Participation

Increase consumer participation. Brands and marketers globally are changing the way consumer communication is created. Two-way engagement is becoming the new ‘it’ factor and it’s transcending across all the stages of the product life-style and consumer journey.

Here are the3 C’s when it comes to getting the consumer to participate.

Crowdfunding: Have customers purchase prototypes in order to gain essential early insights.

Customisation: Get the customers involved in the creative process (i.e. Nike By You).

Communities: Communities allow customers to take part in deliver support and offer creative advice on how its products can be used.

Final thoughts…

 We live in a digital age and it’s becoming important, now more than ever, to bring authenticity to your brand and create lasting relationships between you and your customers.

2020, and the new decade it brings, is going to be about bridging the gap between digital advances and holding on to the personal touch from an older era.

At Mocha, we can create a marketing strategy that tie with current trends and you individual need. Have a look at our services to see what Mocha can do for you!

 To get in touch, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, visit our website or email me at gemma@mocha-marketing.co.uk

Be back soon!


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