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Founder of Mocha Marketing leads workshop at EntFest!

Jul 20, 2021

Founder of Mocha Marketing leads a creative workshop at Peter Jones Foundation's, EntFest!

To be asked to ‘chair’ a creative session at the Peter Jones Foundation event, EntFest, is a highlight of our Managing Director’s career (so she tells us!).  Not only was the session joined by 50+ students, but the panel was a special one.

On Friday 27th June, Gemma lead a creative workshop at the Peter Jones Foundation ‘Festival of Enterprise’ or better know, ‘EntFest’ which was held at the University of Buckingham. Now in its second year, the festival was created by the man himself(THE Peter Jones) in 2018 and is designed to celebrate the enterprise and entrepreneurship of students brining together around 1,000 students, business leaders, investors and innovators for a day of networking and learning.

Founder of Mocha Marketing leads workshop at EntFest!

The workshop which Gemma lead, was created for students to consider how they might turn their creative passion in to an entrepreneurial business, utilising the skills and experience of the panellists with lots of interaction. 

The workshop featured an exciting array of successful entrepreneurs from Craig Hill, an entrepreneur who found success on Dragons Den and co-founder of Landscape for Learning, Samantha Hornsby and Mae Yip who are Co-founders of EricFest and lastly Bejay Mulenga, the 23-year-old CEO of Supa Network, who recently became the youngest person to receive the award for Enterprise Promotion by Her Majesty the Queen … not a bad panel at all!

Founder of Mocha Marketing leads workshop at EntFest!

Gemma talks about her experience;

“If ever there was a chance of getting the dreaded ‘imposters syndrome’, it was in the lead-up to this event!!  But actually, every single panellist was the nicest of people and I found it very humbling.  I’ve never chaired a session of that size and whilst I was nervous about doing my best to ensure everybody got what they needed from it, the nerves turned in to utter joy as soon as we kicked off.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am super proud to have been involved in the event”.
“The Peter Jones Foundation has opened my eyes to the inspirational work they do to make entrepreneurship a choice for the next generation. It’s great to see that there are so many young stars out there wishing to become entrepreneurs. The students themselves are so enthusiastic and motivated by the foundation.  We are in for a truly special next generation.”

For more information about EntFest then you can visit: https://www.buckingham.ac.uk/event/entfest-peter-jones-enterprise-festival/

If you think that we can help you through your journey of entrepreneurship with marketing and communications, then get in touch – we’d love to help make your dreams a reality! 

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