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How the design of your website helps to improve sales

Jul 20, 2021

When a company is mentioned to you, isn’t searching their website the first thing you do? What do you think of the business if their website is poor? Would you still buy from them? 

What does your website look like?

Your website is the heart of your online presence, if your website is not ticking all the boxes then all the hard work that you have put into your digital marketing strategy goes to waste. Of course your price/services have a big role to play in sales however the design of your website plays an even bigger role! Are your potential sales going to convert if you have a poor website? The answer is no! People want to buy from a credible and reliable company which talks for itself through the design of your website. Make a good first impression! 

89% of people will go elsewhere after a poor user experience! 

How many of us come out of a website when searching for their services/products because the site is just way too complicated?! I know, I do! I have recently been doing a lot of online shopping for Christmas (yes delivery drivers now know me by my first name!) and unfortunately received poor user experience. Every time I clicked on an item to view it, I’d then go back on to the previous page and lost where I was! Guess what? I gave up and came away from that website… they lost a sale. Can you see why the design of your website is so important? 

Keep your potential clients/customers engaged

When taking that user journey through your website, do you get that positive experience feeling? The size, colour, picture, videos, speed, content all have a huge part to play in keeping users engaged. 

Your tagline and banner are what catches the users eye. A small, dull homepage will not give users the incentive to continue to search your website. The user wants a short but sharp explanation of why they should chose you, in this very important tagline. A cluttered website will do the complete opposite to catching the users eye… avoid at all costs!

Excellent content is also so important to help keep users engaged. Do not speak in jargon as users may not understand and go elsewhere. Make it simple but informative! Your style of writing should coincide with the style of your website for consistency… don’t be boring, bring a bit of banter to it! Oh yes and don’t forget the punctuation police, check, check, check and check again, nobody likes to see a punctuation errors!

‘Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine’ - Paul Cookson, Author 

By creating a beautifully designed, easy to use website, you’ll keep your audience engaged and interested on your page for longer resulting in…SALES! You will never look back if you invest in your website design!

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