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How to Write the Perfect Press Release - Our Top Tips

Feb 28, 2022

The purpose of a press release is to share news relating to your brand. A good press release gives the reader key details of what has happened (or, excitingly, is about to happen) in a journalistic style and can have huge benefits, not only in the press but from a digital marketing point of view. If you are wondering how to write a press release, read on...

The format

Differentiating your business from others and making yours stand out in a busy marketplace is something we always encourage in all of our PR and communications at Mocha. However, when it comes to press releases, there is an expectation that the format will be pretty standard in order to gain the coverage you desire. Generally, a press release should be written in the following format:

  • Your company/brand logo – prominently displayed to make the link with your business.
  • A headline – to grab the attention of the reader.
  • An introductory subheading - to give a flavour of the main body of text, intended to hook the reader in (usually in around 20-25 words).
  • The release date – proving that it’s the kind of fresh information readers will love and the ‘scoop’ that those listing the story want to have, ahead of other publications.
  • Location of the event and date – giving context to the story.
  • An introductory paragraph – including all of the most important details just in case your reader is in a hurry! As a rule, within the introductory paragraph, you will want to include the who, what, where, when and how.
  • A main body of text – with some interesting, highly-relevant quotes to add depth and a personal element to your story. 
  • Company information – presented in a simple form, providing all the important info at first glance.
  • Contact details – making sure that those who want to know more can get in touch immediately!

The style

A press release is unique within the realms of communication, different from any other form of content writing. Here’s what we’ve learned in our years of experience as a PR agency:

  1. You should always write the content  in the third person to mimic a journalist telling the story.
  2. The text should answer any basic questions a reader is likely to have.
  3. The release must be brief to hold attention but must also cover the who/what/when and where elements of the event.
  4. When content writing, care must be taken to avoid falling into a full-on sales pitch.
  5. Press releases should be written in an organised way and not deviate from what’s important but also consider the SEO aspects in order to reach more customers online.
  6. You should include a level of company information relating to location, main activities, size etc. Don’t get unashamedly promotional; otherwise, it is likely to be rejected at an early stage.
  7. Once crafted and polished, send the press release to researched, targeted members of the media to spark the interest of a journalist, editor or perhaps even a blogger.
  8. There’s always the chance that the journalist won’t copy the piece in its original state and it is often just a starting point from which the journalist or publisher will write the full story.

We appreciate that a press release is often considered to be one of the less glamorous tasks you – or your marketing agency – will undertake, but their power should not be underestimated. They can lead to many more exciting opportunities, especially when it initiates a relationship with a valuable contact within one of your key media targets. 

Our best advice is to take the time and afford the effort to create a powerful piece of content – or, of course, enlist the help of a specialist content writer within an experienced communications agency to do it on your behalf. After all, you’re just one call or click away from a dedicated team who know all there is to know about getting the best results from your PR efforts.

If you need a hand, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch at hello@mocha-marketing.co.uk or call us on 011 298 9430!

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