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Is Your Marketing Strategy Christmas Ready?

Nov 4, 2021

As is the case each year, by the 1st November, we are well in the throes of developing marketing plans for our clients in the lead up to Christmas. If you haven’t already thought about how you can maximise on the opportunity Christmas presents, it isn’t too late – but only if you get started now.

Christmas marketing may revolve around retail but the truth is, any business in any industry can use Christmas to their advantage. After all, who doesn’t love some festive cheer? If you’re stuck on how to begin read on…



Keep in mind, Christmas is not a selling point. You still need to make sure you are targeting the right people, don’t just do what everyone else is doing, make sure there is a plan behind any activity otherwise it may be a waste of time.


Keep it consistent

Go back to basics and tweak your usual branding. What can you make ‘Christmassy’? Christmas is the perfect time of year to get creative with your marketing so take full advantage. This could be as simple as making your logo festive or changing your social media cover photos and marketing materials, but whatever you do, make sure you’re consistent across the board so your customers know it’s you.


Show your appreciation

Christmas is a time for giving and it shouldn’t just be about attracting new customers, retaining old ones is just as, if not more important. Show your appreciation to your clients and customers and send them a gift. Not only is it a nice thing to do, you’ll often find it is a good promotion opportunity.


Be generous

Money is tight at Christmas and many will put things on hold until the new year to save those all-important pennies for gifts and a festive feast. Why not have a Christmas offer to attract new customers who may not have considered your product or service otherwise. Make it worth their while, and don’t forget to promote your offer across all your marketing channels!


Reduce stress

The run up to Christmas is mega-busy for all of us, so think about how your product or service can make your potential customers’ lives easier at this time. Can you provide a service that simplifies a monotonous but necessary task, or maybe a product that makes a fantastic gift with the added benefit of being simple to order? The possibilities are endless depending on your business!



November and December are often a blur and time moves quickly, so nothing creates urgency like reminding your customers of cut off dates. For example, we’re all familiar with “order before X date for guaranteed delivery before Christmas” and we’re all guilty of placing that order before we miss out!


Don’t forget Black Friday

Like it or not, Black Friday is big business. Taking place on Friday 26th November this year, it is fast approaching so don’t overlook it. Maybe you could coincide your Black Friday offer with your Christmas ones, and keep momentum going.


Phew, is that everything?
Sadly not, it is easy to focus on this side of Christmas but the festive season doesn’t stop after Boxing Day. It is important to plan for January in quarter four, otherwise before you know it time will run away with you. If they are applicable to your business, plan for the January sales, and even if they’re not, make sure you can hit the ground running come the new year to give yourself a head start and save the last-minute stress. Let’s face it, Christmas is stressful enough without putting together a strategy for 2022 with a week to go!

Don’t panic

If you’re panicking that time is going too quickly and you’re not sure where to begin with Christmas and New Year planning, let us help. Take advantage of our FREE no obligation marketing review and let us help you get on track. Get it touch today to book yours!

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