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Major re-brand for Mocha Marketing

Jul 19, 2021

To mark a successful first five years

We have recently announced a major re-brand for our company, Mocha Marketing.  If you don’t know who we are, let us tell you a little about us …

We are an award-winning marketing and communications agency based in Leicestershire, working with a vast range of clients across the country.

The rebrand has come after five successful years, with the aim of being able to reflect on the communication element of our service which we believe sets us aside from more traditional agencies. Although our name remains 'Mocha Marketing’, visually you will see that we have taken the opportunity to use ‘Mocha Communicates’ within our core branding which from today can be seen across our social platforms and brand new website.

As a part of our continued growth plan which works hand in hand with the rebrand, we have recently committed to a substantial investment into the business to increase the team in both number and skillset.  By the end of 2019 the team will have doubled from only last year to become 11 members - of which we’re currently at 9 with an on-going recruitment strategy.

So why have we rebranded?

Managing Director and Founder of Mocha Marketing, Gemma Orton, has said:

“The Mocha logo has been great and has taken us a long way, but we have felt that it doesn’t now reflect our growth or the business we are becoming. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about how the team communicate and even more so as we grow. So, the rebrand has given us a huge opportunity to express this.”

Gemma left a high-level marketing role to freelance 5 years ago.  This freelancing generated so many enquiries, which lead to Mocha being born very quickly soon after. However, after just six weeks of the business being registered Gemma found out she was pregnant - but the decision was made to push on and the hard work paid off as we turned over £100,000 + in year 1 without really any forward goal or plan.  The rest as they say, is history.

Gemma has said:

“I knew I wanted our agency to be different from the experiences and somewhat frustrations I had gained from being client side and recruiting agencies to work with my teams over the years and so I wanted our name to be different; without a marketing acronym or need to be clever. Naming a business is harder than naming a child! I wanted it to reflect the personable element of our agency. Would I call it Mocha Marketing if I was to name it again after 5years?? Probably not - but everybody always seems to have a good reaction to our name. It’s memorable and I’m proud of its reputation … so we’ve enhanced it!”

Our Plan

We have a very strategic growth plan in place over the next three years! This includes doubling the businesses turnover and more than tripling our profit whilst continuing to deliver on our all-important client promises. We have also recently ventured to London where excited with the opportunities with are presenting themselves. We already offers extensive services such as marketing, PRworkshops, consulting and events which can all be found on our brand new website, but also in the pipeline during the three-year plan is to add additional services including ‘Mocha Digital’ which our Directors are working hard on behind the scenes as we speak.

Gemma has a 5-7 year goal in mind to appoint a Junior Board of Directors - and if this is achieved through developing current executives within the business, Gemma describes that this would be her greatest achievement in business - but ultimately her main goal is to be known as more than a traditional agency; a professional, reliable and highly communicative team who work alongside their client’s teams as one.

When asked what Mocha means to her, she beamed as she said:

“Mocha was my original baby, I am very proud of what we have achieved in the last five years. No matter how many challenges we’ve had, when you get past them that euphoric feeling is indescribable … almost addictive.  I’ve learnt that I am a true entrepreneur and love developing a business and everything that comes with it. There’s also no doubt that it couldn’t have happened without the fantastic support around me; firstly, our team at Mocha who are all so driven by our goals, the business community around us and of course family and friends.”

Meet the Team

Why not have a look at the team behind the magic? Our meet the team page shows each team member and their role within Mocha and a small bio to tell you a little bit more about every individual!

Thank you

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our clients, family, friends and the community of Leicestershire for always supporting us on our journey – we can’t wait to see what the next five years bring to the table!

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