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Make your website mobile optimised

Dec 22, 2021

Most people would have to cast their mind back a long time before they remembered the last person they met who didn’t own a smartphone… In recent years, the use of smartphones has soared, and in the UK around 85% of the population own one. Ensuring your website is compatible with mobiles is essential to maximise exposure to your audience, so don’t be left behind with an outdated website, make sure yours is mobile compatible.

Why should you ensure mobile optimisation?

As already mentioned, the amount of people who own a smartphone these days is staggering. The accessibility makes these devices so desirable, with the internet just one click of a screen away, no matter where you are. Gone are the days where you’d need access to a computer to search for a product that’s caught your eye, as we now live with pocket devices that can give us access to those sites within seconds.

Firstly, most people use their mobile phones for hours during a typical day. A prime example is the ‘Gen Z’ population who use their phones for pretty much everything. Mobile phones can be used anywhere at any time, by anyone.

Picture yourself in London - you’ve just walked past a huge billboard advertising a new perfume or aftershave which you’re intrigued to know more about. Due to the minimalistic advertising, you need to know more; how much it costs, where it’s available, what the reviews are like. Thanks to your smartphone and the company website being mobile compatible, you can access that information immediately. Here, the company are optimising their marketing, knowing that a quick advert is going to generate clicks onto their site. With a website non-compatible with mobiles, the amount of your market that you’re missing out on is huge, so staying up to date is crucial.

Let’s look at the statistics…

The statistics outline how much life has changed for almost everybody in the last 20 years. Rewind to the start of the century and smartphones seemed an impossible invention, yet here we are now! As a result, over half of online traffic is generated via mobiles, explaining why over a third of marketeers have already invested in mobile optimised website design.

What you’re missing out on

We’ve learnt that most people on this planet use their smartphones every day. With the use of cookie advertising on mobiles, consumers will find it hard to stay away from your products once they conduct a search on the internet, so ensuring your website is accessible is essential to increase your customers. Nowadays, QR code scanning is becoming more and more popular for people to access certain websites, and without mobile optimisation, this is another thing you could be losing out on.

Here at Mocha we know all there is to know about mobile-optimised websites. If your website needs a redesign, we would love to discuss your project with you. Contact us at hello@mocha-marketing.co.uk or on 01122989430.

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