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Marketing for the future

Jul 20, 2021

Are you prepared for a post-COVID world?

There’s no denying 2020 did not go according to plan. COVID-19 brought challenges nobody could have foreseen and marketers were no exception. There have been many pivots in marketing strategy and businesses were pushed towards the digital world more than ever before.

The world has been forever changed by this pandemic and whilst the priority for most businesses for this last year has been staying afloat, attention has now turned to futureproofing and working out how to thrive in this ‘new normal’. Now we are (hopefully) on our way out of lockdown, what have we learned from the last year and what needs to be considered when planning for a post-COVID world?

Consumer behaviour

It will come as no surprise that consumer behaviour has changed since the first wave ofCOVID-19. Thanks to lockdown forcing us to change the way we live, work and shop, businesses have had to cope with customers being less physically present.

On a basic level, the everyday has changed. With the rise of unemployment due to COVID there is naturally less disposable income and consumers are having to make decisions on what is worth the money.

People are shopping closer to home and increasingly online with e-commerce booming, and brand loyalty has also increased with people choosing trusted brands and supporting their favourite businesses through what they know is a challenging time.

So, what has all this meant for the world of marketing? In short, it has accelerated already growing trends. The transition to an increasingly digital approach has been fast-forwarded for many businesses who had previously relied on face-to-face interactions with customers.

Although it has been a relatively short period of time, habits have been formed over the past year and it is highly unlikely the world is going to move completely away from the reliance on convenience and accessing information online that we have all become accustomed to.

Increase in digital

Thanks to in-person meetings and events not being an option, we’ve all had to turn to virtual events, video content and other digital avenues to connect with customers.

Lack of face-to-face contact has previously been seen as a drawback of digital marketing by many but with the forced absence of the former, marketers have had to step up their game and make full use of social media, websites, virtual events, emails and other digital means to gain and retain customers.

Empathy in content marketing

In a world where anyone can be a content creator, getting noticed on social channels is more competitive than ever before. In order for businesses to be successful on social media, they are increasingly having to innovate and think outside the box.

Content must be relevant, entertaining and/or informative whilst communicating its messages clearly and concisely so it can be easily understood to gain engagement.

Empathetic content has been front and centre throughout the last year with people’s attention focused on different priorities. During a time of global crisis, marketing efforts have had to be carefully considered so as not to be seen in poor taste. Being empathetic to the situation but still achieving much needed results.

With most looking for some normality during a difficult time, businesses developing relationships with customers online has been a huge focus and digital content has had to shift to become more human and relevant to current goings on.

What now?

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that nothing is set in stone. Businesses must remain flexible with their marketing and be prepared for the unknown so marketing efforts can be adapted at a moment’s notice if required.

One thing is for sure, the future is digital and if they haven’t already, businesses need to adapt fast in order to compete, digital marketing methods must be prioritised in future strategies.

With change comes opportunity and it’s time to grab it. Whether you are trying to get your business back on its feet or want to keep things moving and prepare for the future, we’re here to help. To arrange a no-obligation cuppa and a chat, give us a ring on 01162989430 or email us at hello@mocha-marketing.co.uk.

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