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The Power of Simplicity in Content Creation

Dec 22, 2021

We underestimate how huge the internet actually is. The likelihood is that any content you’ve ever published is out there in one form or another. Nowadays, with the internet being so vast, consumers can find something out within a matter of seconds due to the endless amount of information online.

As a company, you want to stand out, right? Now is the time to focus on quality and how unique your content is, as this is crucial to boosting your brand rather than publishing content that’s already out there!

The Problem with Original:

Let’s put things into perspective. If you wanted to find a product online such as a hoover, there’d be an endless list of hoovers that appear in the search results. As a consumer, you’re instantly drawn to the one which looks the nicest, or the one with the lowest price. It works in the same way with content. If you searched for how to improve your marketing skills, you wouldn’t want to read lots of text, you’d want short and snappy bullet points which are maybe put into a nice graphic for you to read, the equivalent to a good-looking product.

Well, if you do type this in, the first result is ‘8 Tips on How To Improve Your Marketing Skills in 2021’, perfect for the rational consumer who wants this information as fast as possible. Once we arrive on page 4 or 5, the articles begin to become more report-like, something consumers don’t believe they have time to read.

Publishing original content that isn’t attractive for consumers to click on can drive your performance downwards as you may lose out to rival companies who are optimising this strategy. You’d be surprised by how many sites publish identical content, so being unique and of better quality is essential to gain valuable customers.

Being Unique, High Quality, and Efficient with SEO

All businesses want to stand out and giving your customers a reason to click on your site is the perfect start. Maximising SEO efficiency is an essential step into drawing customers in as your website will be high up in the Google rankings. A company might publish interesting content every day of the week, but if your SEO is better than theirs and you can provide quality, unique content just once a week, consumers are more likely to see your work due to Google’s ranking system.

At the end of the day, consumers are interested in high-quality content, and that’s a lot harder to find on the internet, so make sure you are a business who publishes content that is attractive to your target market!

Ultimately, the quality of your products/services are always going to keep consumers coming back, but the hard part is getting your brand out there to attract these consumers in the first place. SEO is incredibly important to boost your brand, and many businesses don’t know much about it. Being efficient by providing quality, unique content in the form of articles, blogs etc. is key to grasping the attention of potential clients and will most of the time outperform businesses whose content/products are diluted in the market by the vast existence of common substitutes.

At Mocha, our team are experts on SEO and how to boost your company’s Google rankings whilst maintaining a simple, unique approach within your market. If you need a hand with content creation, please get in touch at hello@mocha-marketing.co.uk.

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