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With a great brand comes great responsibility... and that's where we can help! In such a competitive market your branding could be the difference between success and failure. Ou branding experts in Leicester can help you create, develop and maintain a strong brand that captures the true identity of your business.

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Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Brand Guidelines

Brand Strategy

An effective brand strategy will help you define your brand directions and increase results. Whether you are currently building a new brand or have a well-established brand, you must have a solid strategy in place.

Our brand strategy service will help you question your brand and define what your brand represents currently compared to what you want it to represent. Once we determine where we are, we can produce a strategy that guarantees future success. The importance of brand strategy is often overlooked, but consistency is key. The way your audience perceives your brand could be the difference between a lead becoming a customer.

The best way to connect with your target market through your brand is by aligning your values with theirs. Once we understand this, the strategy is developed to remind you what your company is just as much as what it isn't.

We don't just work with developing new brands. If your brand already exists, we can run a strategic audit to make sure that your current market is the same as your target market. Our branding experts in Leicester can help you connect with your target market on an emotional level to help create loyalty and convert your customers into brand reps.

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Brand Development

A strong brand defines your company. In an increasingly competitive market standing out is key, a strong brand is reflection of your company and what makes you better than the competition. Brands can be defined by fonts, tone-of-voice, colour pallet, logo, values, goals, etc. By getting every element correct and aligned with your target market, you can influence the buyer's decision.

When developing your brand, our experts will look at all of the elements, including; brand positioning, brand vision, brand values and much more. We will work with you to connect with your target market through your brand and make your company memorable.

Our branding experts are experienced in helping a variety of companies, from start-ups to well-established businesses.

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Brand Guidelines

All the work you put into your brand must be protected and consistent at every touchpoint. This is where a strong brand guidelines document is crucial.

Clear brand guidelines allow anyone to understand exactly how to present your brand. Our team at Mocha Marketing can work with you to build a clear, consistent brand guideline document that you can distribute both internally and externally.

Your new brand guideline document will include all the key elements of your brand, such as font, colour pallet, logos, imagery use, tone of voice, values, mission statements, goals and much more.

All brands are different, and that is why we will work with you to make sure your brand guidelines cover every touchpoint that your customer may get on the buyer's journey.

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