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Managing customer relationship management (CRM) systems is our forte. From building and managing databases to devising successful targeted email campaigns, we can manage it all from start to finish. Whether you need a hand with lead nurturing, automating your sales process, email marketing or just everything CRM, we can help.

We know what it takes to catch your customers’ eyes through email and our tailored email campaigns can grab attention in an engaging and cost-effective way.

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Industry and competitor research form the basis for any email marketing strategy, along with an in-depth audit of your CRM platform’s capabilities (if you already have one that is!) Once we know what we’re working with our CRM specialists will be able to provide recommendations for CRM solutions to suit your business.

Any email marketing and CRM strategy will be tailored to your clientele, ensuring email campaigns follow a set timeline based on your goals and our own market research, aiding their journey through the sales funnel.

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What is automation and how can it help my business?
A well-built CRM system will enable you to integrate it with your organisation’s internal workflows in order to automate tasks, saving you and your staff time and allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere. Automating tasks such as follow up sales emails also helps to ensure consistency with messages and nurturing leads, making the sales and marketing processes simpler.

How to use email marketing with my CRM?
CRM software allows you to keep track of contacts and organise them into targeted lists, all whilst tracking activity throughout your team.

Email is often used within CRM systems for marketing campaigns, automated communication and customer information based on actions taken by each contact.

There are huge benefits to using email marketing within your CRM system over doing email marketing alone on a different platform, including building a central source of data on existing customers and leads which enables you to deliver personalised communication and track engagement.

How do I manage my data compliantly?
GDPR compliance is a serious consideration for anyone who stores personal data (so anyone who utilises a CRM system). For anyone with a database of contacts, it is crucial that this data is managed responsibly and compliantly.

A good CRM system allows personal data to be shared with or hidden from users within your organisation based on the type of data held and also manages contacts’ consent to receive communication from you.

It is vital when setting up a CRM system that you check your provider has provisions for GDPR compliance, which is where we can help. Our CRM specialists are well versed in setting up systems that work for your business whilst ensuring compliance with GDPR.

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Often underrated, when done correctly, email marketing can be an extremely effective way of reaching existing and potential customers, and generally has a high ROI. Email should be incorporated into a wider marketing strategy, but if you are completely new to marketing, it is a great place to start.

Email is not only a great marketing method, but it is important for maintaining existing relationships with customers and key contacts, as long as your content is valuable. Keeping up regular communication with existing clients or customers forges trust and keeps your business at the forefront of their minds.

Unlike other ways of engaging with your audience, email is cost-effective and straightforward – just make sure your contact lists are relevant and up to date!

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