How can PR support your business

Increasingly, PR is online, and with endless sources of information, we know PR efforts have to stand out - business PR is all about enhancing a company’s reputation.

A good press release or PR campaign is a fantastic way to build brand awareness and enhance your business’ reputation, ultimately resulting in increased visibility and more sales.

We always strive to get the best results for our clients through local, national, and even international press.

PR Services

Content Creation
Relationship Building
Fuelled Growth
Content Creation
Relationship Building
Fuelled Growth

Press Release Creation & Distribution

There is an art to creating great content for the press, and it isn’t as simple as writing a great story. We know exactly how to pique journalists’ interest in your story and gain the very best coverage.

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Relationship Building

With our press connections, we’ve achieved fantastic results for our clients and although we don’t like to think about it, it is necessary to have a PR team on hand to react quickly if things go wrong. Our team are experts in damage limitation, we can quickly find a solution and resolve the issue if required.

What is PR?
PR or Public Relations is how companies and organisations communicate with the public and stakeholders and build their reputation.

How the media presents your company to the world is hugely influential on how you are perceived, so it should be a consideration within any marketing strategy.

How can PR benefit my business?
PR is all about gaining positive coverage in the media and minimising the risk of anything negative harming your business’ reputation.

Building relationships with media contacts is key to getting the best out of PR efforts, enabling your business to keep the press informed and gain great exposure opportunities, which is where using a PR agency with great contacts can be incredibly useful!

Positive PR opportunities not only raise your company’s image but help to build relationships with your audience and get your business out there.

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fuelled Growth

Here at Mocha Marketing we have well-established contacts within both regional and national press. With our intuitive media outreach platform, we monitor and measure media coverage, have access to over 1 million journalist/influencer contacts and we are able to measure the success of your PR campaigns through real-time reporting. 

We also have a great relationship with various broadcast publications. In fact we have secured many radio/television slots for our clients with some big broadcasters, from the BBC and ITV to Gem, Capital, Smooth and LBC.

We work with a broad range of clients, securing coverage for industries such as; charities, artists, construction, workwear, security and many more.

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