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Our digital marketing team in Leicester help improve your business's visibility with our SEO services. Our team uses market-leading SEO software to analyse, review, and improve your company's visibility across multiple platforms. Starting with an entire site SEO audit, we will identify all the key areas that we could improve to enhance your site's SEO.

SEO should be fundamental in any digital marketing strategy, and we prioritise SEO in all of our website builds. Our team know everything about achieving the best results on search engines, enabling your customers to find your business easily online, driving the right traffic to your website, and ensuring maximum return on investment.

SEO Services

Full SEO Package
Free SEO Report
Local SEO
Technical SEO
Full SEO Package
Free SEO Report
Local SEO
Technical SEO

Full SEO Package

SEO drives conversions - 93% of buying decisions start with an online search, which is why it is crucial to aim to get on page one of Google as only 25% of users go beyond page one when searching for a service. That's where Mocha steps in; our complete SEO service is tried and tested and has successfully helped get our clients onto page one of Google.

Using industry-leading software combined with our team of SEO experts, we can identify, fix, and maintain a clear SEO strategy. Our strategy will combine technical SEO, local SEO and backlink building to generate more organic visitors to your site and help you rank higher on SERPs.

This service provides you with the best possible chance of ranking on search engines and means you don't have to worry about keeping on top of Google's daily algorithm changes. 

Some areas we cover in our full SEO package:

All internal and external links | Site security | Server security | Response codes | All URLs | Page titles | Meta descriptions | Meta keywords | H1 and H2 tags | Content length | Content duplication | PR production and distribution | Spelling and grammar | Image size | Image alt tags | Canonical tags | Pagination | Hreflang | Structured data | Sitemaps | Page speeds | Server speed | Directory management | Backlink creation | Project tracking

SEO Audit

Not sure if your website is ticking all the technical SEO boxes? FIll in the form below to talk to one of our experts about a fully transparent technical SEO audit.

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Businesses We've Helped

40% increase in organic
visitors from previous month
98% site health
120% increase in backlinks
40% increase in organic traffic
6,243 issues fixed in one month
7% increase in site health
Added to an additional 51 online directories
Currently on page one for business coach Midlands
98% site health
20% above industry average
0 errors
Top 10% of websites

Local SEO

What is local SEO?
Local SEO is an SEO strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results. 

Do I need a local SEO strategy?
If your business has a physical location or offers services in a geographic area, you can benefit from a local SEO strategy. At Mocha Marketing, our SEO expert strategists and consultants will craft bespoke campaigns to help your company rank in your local area. 

How does local SEO work?
It works in a very similar way to 'normal' Google searches at a high level. With 46% of Google searches being local, you must be discoverable in your area. We can achieve this by looking at several different factors, including; managing your Google My Business profile, developing your reputation, optimising your website, monitoring your competitive landscape and much more.

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Technical SEO

What is technical SEO? 
Technical SEO is a process that ensures your website meets the current technical requirements of modern search engines. This process will help drive more organic traffic to your website.

Do I need a technical SEO strategy?
Your website will still exist without a technical SEO strategy; however, if Google and other search engines can't find it correctly, then it is likely your target market can't either! Our technical SEO experts in Leicester use industry-leading software to crawl your website in the same way search engines would and find all areas that need improvement. Our team will then be able to identify, fix and maintain all aspects of your site to give you the best possible opportunity of ranking on SERPs. 

How will I know if SEO is working?
Once our SEO team has identified all the technical issues, we will fix as many as possible and then set up tracking to monitor your sites' health daily. Google changes its algorithms around 500-600 times a year, so it is crucial to stay on top. As well as monitoring site health, we can also track specific keywords to see how your business compares with your competitors. The more visible your site, the more organic traffic you will get!

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