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How to create a better web experience for your customers

Our website development team in based in Leicester are experts in creating dynamic, clean-code websites for a variety of industries.

We start by getting to know your industry and how your business is positioned within it. Once we fully understand your business, we will create interactive flat designs that meet your needs and, most importantly, your customers' needs.

We design all of our websites with SEO and user experience in mind. We understand the conversion points and help drive your audience there.

Mocha's web development team has experience building business websites, e-commerce websites, and website applications for various businesses across many different industries.

We aim to create a user experience that is clean, simple and effective. Find out more about our website development service below.

Web Development Services

Business Websites
E-Commerce Websites
Our Technologies
Business Websites
E-Commerce Websites
Our Technologies

Business Websites

A good website will push people to take action! At Mocha, we will create a detailed website report incorporating the user journey, all the way to design and copy to help you come up with a plan to create a high performing website.

At Mocha, our website designers have expert Content Management System (CMS) knowledge and can create bespoke websites tailored to you! The look, feel, and customer journey are the most critical aspects of a website. We can help you find the perfect balance by captivating the best visuals, adding in SEO, and writing clear and concise copy. All of our websites are mobile optimised.

A good website should consist of three elements: user experience, your business goals, and SEO. So, whether you want to create leads, make sales or drive traffic, we will design a website that will help you achieve your goals.

With a reported 94% of people researching online before making any buying decision, you must have a well-designed, optimised, and easy to navigate website. 

E-commerce Websites

We design tailored e-commerce sites built to drive sales and maximise conversions. With more customers shopping online than ever before, now is the time to maximise your sales and reach more customers. Our bespoke e-commerce website services will be tailored to you and your customers.

When creating a site, we focus on usability, trustability and optimisation to allow your customers to purchase your products whenever and wherever.

We can also partner our e-commerce website services with Google shopping ads to reach an even wider audience by targetting related searches.

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Our Technologies

We are experienced across multiple website building platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, Shopify and Wix. It is not simply one size fits all with these platforms, so we decide what platform to build your bespoke site on based on your and your target market's needs. 

Our digital marketing team live and breathe technology, and with advances happening daily, they love to learn about all the latest improvements in the technology world.

When creating a website, we use several different technologies based on your requirements. The tools we use will enhance the user experience and create a seamless customer journey for your audience.

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